Sweet Treats!

Enjoying your candy corn on Halloween!

Enjoying your candy corn on Halloween!

Halloween kicks off the holiday season for most of us, and even if we don’t have little ghouls and goblins knocking on our doors, it can be hard to pass by the candy aisle and not pick up a bag of treats for yourself.  As you’re debating over which bag of candy – or possibly, if there are any reasons why you should not just choose both bags – it’s important to remember that not all candy is created equal when it meets your teeth.

The worst candies for teeth are those that are sticky or gummy, acidic, or take a long time to eat.  Sticky and gummy candies – such as caramel-loaded Snickers bars, Starbursts, and gummy candies – often get stuck in between your teeth where your saliva cannot readily wash it away, and you can’t always see the sugar adhered to your teeth.  Acidic candies – such as Lemon Drops and sour-patch candies – lead to your entire mouth being an acidic environment, in which your tooth enamel will break down quickly.  Long-lasting candies – such as lollipops, sugary bubble gum, and FunDip sticks – quite simply create a long exposure time to high sugar levels, leading to increased cavity formation.

Sweet tooth, don’t despair!  There are some better options from you to choose from! If you indulge in chocolate, choose more airy chocolate bars such as 3 Musketeers or a dark chocolate bar that is not going to stick to your teeth.  If you crave lots of sugar, choose controlled amount candies, such as individual packages of Smarties, or powdery candies, such as Pixi Stix.  If you enjoy long-lasting candies, choose sugar-free LifeSavers or sugar-free gums.


Whatever you choose to snack on, we hope you enjoy your candy and your holiday!

Brighten Your Holiday Season!

Is your date book already filling up with holiday parties and family get-togethers?  Are you thinking about how your smile is going to look in all of those photos?  A coronal polish is the perfect – and fast! – solution for you!

During your twenty-minute appointment in our office, the surface stains on your teeth will be gently removed with a polishing paste and a rotating rubber cup, much like during a dental hygiene visit.  In addition to giving your teeth that glossy feeling and clean sparkle, the coronal polish will also create a very smooth texture on the surface of your tooth.  Bacteria do not adhere as readily to smooth surfaces as they do to rough surfaces, so you will have less build-up over time.  With less build-up, your teeth will not re-stain as quickly and your breath will also be fresher!

While it is important that you know that a polishing appointment is strictly cosmetic and not meant to replace your routine dental hygiene appointment, it is a wonderful option if you are looking to brighten your smile in-between your visits with Dr. Gore’s registered dental hygienists.

Less build-up.  Minimal staining.  Fresher breath.  Sounds like you’re ready for all of your holiday parties!

And, don’t forget  – “Polish Parties” are also a great option for pre-wedding festivities with your bridesmaids or groomsmen!

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