Brighten Your Holiday Season!

Brighten Your Holiday Season!

Brighten Your Holiday Season!

Is your date book already filling up with holiday parties and family get-togethers?  Are you thinking about how your smile is going to look in all of those photos?  A coronal polish is the perfect – and fast! – solution for you!

During your twenty-minute appointment in our office, the surface stains on your teeth will be gently removed with a polishing paste and a rotating rubber cup, much like during a dental hygiene visit.  In addition to giving your teeth that glossy feeling and clean sparkle, the coronal polish will also create a very smooth texture on the surface of your tooth.  Bacteria do not adhere as readily to smooth surfaces as they do to rough surfaces, so you will have less build-up over time.  With less build-up, your teeth will not re-stain as quickly and your breath will also be fresher!

While it is important that you know that a polishing appointment is strictly cosmetic and not meant to replace your routine dental hygiene appointment, it is a wonderful option if you are looking to brighten your smile in-between your visits with Dr. Gore’s registered dental hygienists.

Less build-up.  Minimal staining.  Fresher breath.  Sounds like you’re ready for all of your holiday parties!

And, don’t forget  – “Polish Parties” are also a great option for pre-wedding festivities with your bridesmaids or groomsmen!

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