GLO In-Office Whitening

Are you ready for a GLOing smile? With GLO Professional In-Office Whitening, you can smile brighter by this afternoon!
Your GLO appointment will be comfortable and easy for you. To begin, we apply lip balm to moisturize and protect your lips during treatment. The unique blend of menthol, natural oils, and vitamin E protects your lips and promotes healing if your lips are already chapped or sun-damaged. For additional protection of your soft tissue from the professional-strength whitening gel, a liquid barrier will be applied over your gum tissues and “light-cured” to solidify it in place. The GLO whitening gel that we use for in-office whitening treatments is a 24% solution that is very viscous – it will stick to your teeth for whitening rather than run down your throat causing irritation! With the closed-system mouthpiece that requires no impressions, the GLO whitening gel is warmed slightly to catalyze the chemical reaction. Each of your three eight-minute sessions is timed with the GLO iPod device. You can play on your phone, choose a show to watch on our tv, or just relax while your teeth are whitening! When you are done whitening, we will take a photo so that you can see how many shades whiter your teeth are. If you want, we even have a photo studio so you can have a new and fun photo for your Facebook profile! (Of course, we encourage you to share on our Facebook page as well.)
Of course you can visit us anytime for more of the GLO whitening vials or lip balm, and we also have at-home products that can help you to maintain your whiter smile. You can leave our office the same day with a GLO At-Home Whitening Kit, which includes that lip balm, the charger and mouthpiece, and 10 vials of GLO whitening gel at 9.5%. For quick touch-ups after drinking coffee during a lunch meeting or wine during a dinner out, we have a GLO whitening pen that also has the added benefits of freshening your breath and promoting gum health with its blend of vitamin E and menthol. For your daily hygiene at home, we have GLO Antioxidant Toothpaste that is non-abrasive to both enamel and porcelain. If you want to share the GLO experience, you can also buy a second GLO mouthpiece for a loved one at home.
One of the most frequent comments that we are receiving about our GLO In-Office Professional Whitening is the complete lack of sensitivity after treatment. If you have ever bleached your teeth before, you probably know all too well what “zingers” or “lightning bolts” on your teeth are. We can tell you with confidence, from our own team’s personal experience and from what all of our newly-whitened clients are telling us, that you will have no sensitivity on your teeth or on your gum tissues with GLO whitening. It is absolutely amazing for us to be able to deliver to you a whiter, brighter smile that you truly feel great about!

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