Creating Results in Your Life

iStock_000004996421XSmall - GoalsIf you want to create results in your life, you must be honest with yourself. The following questions can help you to define your expectations and be proactive in creating the results you want!


  1. Are my goals clear and specific? This should include not only your end result, but also specific steps that you can take in order to achieve your results.
  2. Have I shared my goals with others? This may be co-workers or mentors in your professional life, or it may be a close-knit support group in your personal life. Be sure that those people know why this is important to you!
  3. What are the consequences of failing to achieve my desired results?
  4. goal-setting-in-actionAre my goals reasonable? You need to be aware of your time, resources, and other responsibilities, and you must make a commitment to your goal.
  5. How can I monitor my progress? You should think about how to track your progress and how to share that with those who are working with or supporting you.
  6. Do I have the necessary information, skills, and resources to be successful? If not, do I have access to others who do?

Good luck!



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