At Tuchscherer Kennel, We Are Conscientious Breeders.

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Conscientious BreedersUnfortunately, there are breeders who care more about their profit than about the health of the German Shephards or about how you will welcome your new family member. Some of our guiding principles, which are common to any conscientious breeder, are listed below.

  • We strive in each and every breeding to achieve the highest quality possible relative to the breed standard for conformation, trainability and temperament, in order to maintain the breed’s characteristics.
  • We use only physically sound, mature dogs of stable temperament for breeding. These characteristics are ra

    rely, if ever, determined before the age of two for females.

  • We continue to educate ourselves regarding genetic diseases pertinent to the breed including, hip and elbow dysplasia. Documentation of hip and elbow screenings is available to prospective puppy buyers.
  • We apply the same high standards to outside bitches sent to our stud dogs as we apply to our own breeding stock.
  • We match each puppy’s personality as carefully as possible with a compatible buyer/family. Temperament testing of each puppy is encouraged.
  • We take all appropriate steps to have each puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian for general health prior to placement. Each puppy is vaccinated and de-wormed by a veterinarian.
  • We encourage buyers to spay/neuter as appropriate.
  • We endeavor to gain personal knowledge of the temperament and health of every dog we breed, or to which we breed, in order to gather information on which to base future breeding decisions. We share this information fully and honestly with other breeders and with prospective buyers.
  • We only sell breeding prospects to knowledgeable, ethical and experienced persons, and we are willing to help educate and guide novices. We at any time accept the return of any dog/bitch our breeding program produces and we always help when relocation is needed.
  • We do not engage in misleading or untrue advertising.
  • We do not sell, supply, donate or surrender any dog for which we are responsible to a pet shop, catalogue house, wholesale dealer in dogs, Humane Society, or to a laboratory. We require reasonable assurance that each individual receiving a dog will provide a home with appropriate shelter, restraint, control and responsible care.
  • We encourage puppy buyers to go to puppy obedience classes to help their puppies to become better canine good citizens. The achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate is encouraged.

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