Reality Check!

misinterpreatationBad day? Long week?

Get excited!

Realize that your “upset” offers you an opportunity to learn something or to change something – and make it better!

Ask yourself these eight questions to grow yourself from your obstacles.

  1. Am I willing to do something now to change this or make this better?
  2. What meaning have I linked to this in order to be upset?
  3. Could this be a misinterpretation or misperception?
  4. the-benefits-of-communication-skillsDo I have all the possible information necessary to know exactly what this means?
  5. What else could this mean?
  6. What do I need in order to feel good now?
  7. How can I communicate my needs in a way that empowers my relationship with this person?
  8. What’s great about this?

If you are honest with yourself, you can turn the situation around to a positive one!


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