They Had WHAT in Their Mouth?!

Ballpoint-pen-partsForget to brush your teeth this morning? Had onion-overload at lunch? No time to floss? These sound like practical reasons to be conscious of your mouth when arriving at a dental check-up. For some dentists, a case of bad breath is nothing compared to the things they’ve found in their patients’ mouths!

The Chicago Dental Society asked its members about the strangest things they’ve found in a patient’s mouth. Here are the top ten strangest:

  1. Chicken_bonesA chicken bone.
  2. Part of a ballpoint pen.
  3. Obscene lip tattoos.
  4. Pet hair.
  5. DIY remedies, like SuperGlue and wrie, to hold broekn and loose teeth in place.
  6. Fragment of a blasting cap.
  7. tiresFingernails.
  8. Hot Wheels tire
  9. Insects, both dead and alive


And, the strangest things found in a patient’s mouth?

  1. A blinking LED light the patient had installed in a tooth!


Now that gives meaning to having a bright smile!

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