How Does my Dentist do a Filling?

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Question: How does my dentist do a filling?

Answer: First, your dentist will get your tooth numb. As you begin feeling numb, the dentist or dental assistant will take a “shade” of your tooth so that the new composite “white” filling will match your other teeth. Then, the dentist will remove any old filling material that may be in your tooth as well as all of the decay in your tooth. Next, the dentist will apply an anti-microbial solution, a desensitizing solution, and etching and bonding materials. Fourth, the dentist will place the composite filling in your tooth and shape it to match your other teeth and bite. The composite material will then be “light-cured” or “set.” Finally, the dentist will adjust your new filling to ensure that the margins are smooth and that your bite is correct. You are done!

While you may be numb for a few hours after your dental appointment, you can eat and drink right away so long as you are careful to not bite your cheek.


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